Harbor Consulting Engineers has extensive yet diverse experience to develop practical and constructible designs. We work on a wide range of projects including, but not limited to, marine facility planning and assessment, complex fish passage and hatchery solutions, educational facilities, parking structures, and commercial building renovation & design. We have promoted and practiced design innovation in an effort to achieve buildings and facilities that are resource efficient. Our long-standing focus in energy and environmental design defines who we are and what we strive for as a firm. Objectives of each project are consistently realized through a cooperative and collaborative relationship between project team and client. Prepared with extensive interdisciplinary expertise, we stand ready to offer consistency and dedication to successfully shepherd projects from beginning to end.

Environmental Permitting

Complex permitting processes can present significant challenges if not handled appropriately. At Harbor Consulting Engineers, we understand the intricacies of permitting and have extensive experience with resource and environmental agencies. We understand their resource concerns and can anticipate potential concerns. Designs and construction must comply with numerous state and/ or federal regulations. Harbor has regularly completed biological assessments and evaluations for projects requiring Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) compliance, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Applications (JARPA). Our projects also regularly require EPA Clean Water Quality Certification under the Clean Water Act and WDFW Hydraulic Permit Approvals.

Construction Administration and Management

Harbor Consulting Engineers has worked in partnerships with sub-consultants on all of our multi-discipline projects. Including the appropriate consultant for each task and managing their progress is an important element of a interdisciplinary collaboration on each successful project. During the construction phase of a project we provide continued oversight and related services to coordinate the project with the client and the design team. We oversee a contractor’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout the duration of the project and monitor the contractor’s progress and compliance with Contract Documents. 

Expert Witness Services

We offer litigation support and expert witness testimony for disputes in a variety of cases arising from construction defects, including condominium act claims, damage due to extreme weather events, and liability coverage disputes. Our experts have provided testimony in both federal and state courts, including bench and jury trials. Harbor's professional, experienced engineers offer extensive knowledge of structural, civil, marine, and hydrological engineering. We assist counsel throughout the litigation process by adding meaningful insights in the early stages, including investigative damage assessments, into discovery with preparation of demonstrative trial exhibits and expert witness reports, and by providing expert testimony of during the trial. Our professional team is widely regarded as having the expertise needed to express an opinion about the validity of evidence in a case and convey that opinion in a way that can be easily understood.

Harbor is committed to seamless collaboration with our clients and all project stakeholders by carefully listening to their goals, needs, and concerns.

Comprehensive engineering services.

Harbor Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides a full range of engineering services to public and private sectors, including planning and strategy development, environmental permitting, civil and structural engineering design, and construction management. Our wealth of experience is matched only by our unparalleled technical expertise, a commitment to sustainability, environmentally sound practices, strong relationships with permitting authorities, and a proven history of successfully working with public agencies on a variety of projects.

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Sustainable Design

Harbor Consulting Engineers fully embraces the concept of sustainable design and LEED Certification as developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The true cost of a building is embodied not only in its initial design and construction cost, but also in its life cycle cost. The overall impact of a facility on the environment and on its occupants should be considered not only through construction but also throughout the life of the facility. A “whole building” approach to design can make a positive difference in operating costs, the well-being of those who use the facility, and ultimately reduce the embedded energy of construction materials and the energy consumed from facility operations.  We approach sustainable design using a team-based collaborative process that begins with finding opportunities where environmental impact and energy consumption can be reduced during the concept design phase and continues through construction. 

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